Liam, Louis, and Harry playing with a bra (x)



learning all the words to a song where the singer sings really fast so you can sing along at the same speed is honestly the most satisfying thing



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date a girl who’s me 

People nowadays find the smallest and stupidest things to complain about and rag on people about. 


LOL so they've been actually working on this album for a long time and it's probably almost done which why like u said they are always partying and traveling and don't seem to be working hard on their album. Well there you have it, it's bc the album is almost or already done. They are just pretending to still be working on it to cover for their USA Tour cancellation.


they did everything to fit the US tour on the agenda

demi tour with little mix was from february 9 to march 18


so demi tour was a test to see if little mix could do a tour on US

so the tour end (for little mix) time to work in the next album  and let’s face before start demi tour little mix have so much free time so i’m sure they wrote songs and talk about artistthat is in the same position of little mix that is from syco and modest and that every year has a new album  and that write he songs olly murs i remember that he said that he write alot when he is on tour so little mix could have write on demi tour

so salute tour UK start may 16 to june 9

they would have 1month to finalize the album before the US tour

US tour would be september 10 to october 11

the album would be (and i’m sure is gonna be) in november 

so you see everything was make to fit the US tour on little mix plans


even if im not horny im still pretty horny



Im still trying to understand how this


became this


then this


went to this


but then 


and now


Niall @ the Stade de Suisse - Bern, Switzerland - 4th July 2014